2022-23 School Touring Assemblies


Currently scheduling performances for January 5, 2023 – June 2, 2023

Our bullying prevention assemblies are back in-person for the 2022-2023 school year! We also have several plays available for your school to stream or send to your students virtually!

See shows and pricing below:

Allies from Outer Space

Kindergarten - 5th grade

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Kindergarten - 5th Grade

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Relationship Status

6th - 12th grade

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Virtual Only

Kindergarten - 12th Grade

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Allies from Outer Space by Bethany Wallace
Available in-person and virtually for the 2022/23 school year.

Jeepers creepers! The aliens are coming to school, and they never shower! At least that’s the gossip  when an alien spaceship makes an emergency landing on earth. While waiting for repairs, the alien queen on board sends her daughter to the local school with a mission: to find out if humans are intolerant of differences and if they use their technology to bully others. Will the students at Galaxia Elementary treat Princess Komodo with respect despite her tail and webbed fingers? Or will their bullying behavior force the queen to take drastic measures against bullying and wipe out the earth’s technology for good?!


  • Recognizing, Reporting & Refusing Bullying Behavior
  • Accepting Differences and Confronting Prejudice
  • Using Technology Responsibly


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Bugs! by Melanie Hampton
Available in-person only. (Virtual option coming in spring 2023!)

Things are snug as a bug in a rug at school until the new kid shows up with enviable expertise about bugs. All the students think Max is the bee’s knees. All of them, except Logan, whose jealousy turns into bullying behavior that’s as bad as a case of bed bugs. Will the other students realize they can’t just be flies on a wall? Can Max stand up to Logan’s bullying behavior? And is there room for new friendship on the playground?

Education Goals:

  • Recognizing, Reporting, and Refusing Bullying Behavior
  • Being a Positive Bystander
  • Celebrating Differences
  • Welcoming Newcomers/Forming Friendships



Relationship Status by Anne Kennedy Brady  

Available in-person only. (Virtual option coming in spring 2023!)

Jason and Trevor have been best friends for years, but Jason’s pursuit of Claire throws it all into turmoil. As alliances shift and Trevor struggles to maintain their friendship, Jason and his new girlfriend begin an online campaign of bullying and harassment which leaves Trevor isolated and upset. With newfound confidence, Jason begins a run for class president, providing Trevor an opportunity to publicly humiliate him. Relationship Status examines the social consequences of online behavior, and how to make positive choices to end the downward spiral of cyberbullying and harassment.


  • Cyberbullying prevention
  • Understanding the consequences of gossip and rumors
  • Examining various forms of bullying and harassment, both subtle and overt
  • Personal and social responsibility



The following plays are available for virtual streaming only: 


SUPER SCHOOL  by Bethany Wallace  

Your favorite heroes from Camp Super Friend are back for a new adventure! It’s Marvel’s first day at Asteroid Academy and Jet introduces him to Danrelle, a girl with invisibility power, and Tilly, a girl with super-strength and a temper to match. When Danrelle uses her power to steal Tilly’s rocket ball and bully her into losing her temper, Tilly’s reaction puts her in danger of being suspended. Can Tilly learn to manage her emotions in time? Will the students of Asteroid Academy learn the power of the three R’s: Recognizing, Reporting and Refusing Bullying Behavior before their actions cause superhero-sized trouble? 


  • Recognizing, Reporting & Refusing Bullying Behavior 
  • Empathizing With Others 
  • Managing Emotions 


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 TEAM PLAYER MODE by Bethany Wallace  

Today’s mission: start at a new school and make some friends. After Ben moves in with his dad he finds out life at his new school is way different. Everyone makes fun of his backpack and they all play that new adventure video game. If Ben can just learn how to play and complete a mission he’ll be invited to join The 5th Grade Gamers. But between his opponents in the fantastical video game world and the students at school, Ben’s going to need the power of the three R’s: Recognizing, Reporting and Refusing bullying behavior and the teamwork of his gaming friends to complete his mission. 


  • Recognizing, Reporting and Refusing Bullying Behavior 
  • How to Be a Positive Bystander 
  • Accepting Differences 


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The Social Networth by Melanie Hampton  

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Hayley’s Body Positivity Club is off to a start, and she’s chronicling the experience on her vlog. Meanwhile, class clown Jason struggles with his own body image after his best friend Cody makes fun of him. To hide his insecurities, Jason joins Cody in remixing Hayley’s vlogs into an embarrassing montage body-shaming her. As the video spreads around the school, Hayley’s life starts to crumble and the students of Everwood must choose how they treat their peers. The Social Networth examines the consequences of online behavior while helping students make positive choices to end cyberbullying and harassment. 


  • Cyberbullying prevention 
  • Understanding the consequences of harassment 
  • Personal and social responsibility 
  • Positive body image 


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To book any show email touring@taproottheatre.org.

2022/2023 school year

Available In-person & Virtually:
  • BUGS!
  • Allies from Outer Space
  • Relationship Status

Available Virtually Only:
  • Super School
  • Team Player Mode
  • Social Networth
Contact our scheduling office at 206.529.3669 or email touring@taproottheatre.org to book your assembly today.
  • 45 minute bullying prevention play + 10-15 minute actor led talkback = 55-60 total minutes of student time
  • A teacher's guide (with pre and post play discussion questions)
  • A 45-60 minute bullying prevention play, including a review of curriculum with the actors
  • A Teacher’s Guide (with pre and post play discussion questions)
  • A personalized password protected video link specific to your school
  • Personalized service/direct communication with Taproot Theatre
  • $700 first performance
  • $300 second performance of same show, same day
  • $400 second performance of different show, same day
  • $150 classroom visit
  • +travel fee (if applicable)
  • $500 per school for one week* of unlimited streaming*add $50 for each additional week
    ALTERNATIVE PRICING OPTIONS: If you represent a school district and would like to book this show for multiple schools, . If you are a home-school group looking to book this show, .
  • The plays need a level, unobstructed acting area that measures at least 24 feet in width by 18 feet in depth.
  • Taproot brings all of its own sound equipment
  • The actors will need one hour prior to the assembly start time to set up and run a sound check.
Virtually: Taproot uses Vimeo for our virtual assembly. Some schools have restricted access to this site for students using school-owned devices. Our recommendation is to allow students to access Vimeo for the scheduled viewing time. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a different streaming site at this time due to privacy rules.
Being a kid is hard! Dealing with bullying and disrespect makes it even harder. Using principles from the Committee for Children’s “Second Step” bullying prevention programs, Taproot Theatre Company’s touring productions equip students with the skills they need to stand up to bullying, solve problems and form lasting friendships.

Taproot Theatre Company has toured educational plays to students since 1985 and reaches more than 100,000 students annually. TTC is a member of Theatre Puget Sound and Theatre Communications Group, the national service organization for nonprofit professional theatres. Founded in 1976, TTC tells stories of hope, serving the Pacific Northwest through live theatre and educational programs.


Our scripts are guided by Second Step Curriculum.

Thank You

Support for Taproot Theatre’s Education & Outreach programming is generously provided by:


BlackRock, Inc
D.V. & Ida J. McEachern Charitable Trust
Fredric Sjoholm, Trustee, Margery M. Jones Charitable Trust
St. John’s Lodge #9

Taproot Theatre acknowledges that we live, work and play on the unceded and traditional territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, specifically the Duwamish, and that we occupy this land. This acknowledgement does not take the place of authentic relationships with Indigenous communities but serves as a first step in honoring the land we occupy and resisting the erasure of Indigenous past, present and future.