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2024 – 2025 calendar now open for scheduling!

Fall Touring dates: September 5, 2024 – November 29, 2024
Spring Touring dates: January 6, 2025 – April 30, 2025

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Kindergarten - 5th grade

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Story of an Off-Brand Band

6th – 12th grade

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Rocks! by Melanie Godsey
NEW for the 2024-2025 school year.

S’mores, stargazing, swimming—Jamie’s family promises him that Camp Obsidian is a hidden gem. And when he makes friends with Casey on the first day, he knows this camp could rock. But when Casey’s jealousy spreads like poison ivy, Jamie gets caught between a rock and a hard place. Is Jamie really being bullied? Or is it all a harmless prank? The other campers and Jasper, the down-to-earth counselor, will leave no stone unturned to make it the best summer ever.

1-hour presentation including performance and actor-led talkback.

Rocks! Explores:

  • Bullying Prevention

  • How to be an Upstander

  • Celebrating Differences

  • Empathy


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Story of an Off-Brand Band by Michelle Lang-Raymond
NEW for the 2024-2025 school year.

Everyone’s ready to rock and roll to the sound of the American dream—except one. When the members of The Preamble go on tour, the band is living the dream, except that the guitarist is treated differently. If each of them truly matters, then this band has a decision to make. In this poignant metaphor for Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, the band must figure out how and if the show will go on.

1-hour presentation including performance and actor-led talkback.

Education Goals:

  • Personal and Social Responsibility
  • Being an Ally
  • Respecting Others
  • Celebrating Differences



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School Pricing and Additional Information

2024– 2025 school year

Available In-person:
  • ROCKS! (new elementary show!)
  • The Story of an Off-Brand Band (new secondary show!)
Contact our scheduling office at 206.529.3669 or email to book your assembly today.
  • 1-hour presentation including performance and actor-led talkback.
  • A teacher's guide (with pre- and post-play discussion questions)
2024–2025 PRICING:
  • First Show: $800
  • Second Show: $450
  • Classroom Visit: $150
  • Travel Fee: depends on distance. Please email for a comprehensive quote.
Contact our scheduling office at 206.529.3669 or email to book your assembly today.
ALTERNATIVE PRICING OPTIONS: If you represent a school district and would like to book this show for multiple schools, CLICK HERE. If you are a home-school group looking to book this show, CLICK HERE.

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  • The plays need a level, unobstructed acting area that measures at least 24 feet in width by 18 feet in depth.
  • Taproot brings all of its own sound equipment
  • The actors will need one hour prior to the assembly start time to set up and run a sound check.
Being a kid is hard! Dealing with bullying and disrespect makes it even harder. Using principles from the Committee for Children’s “Second Step” bullying prevention programs, Taproot Theatre Company’s touring productions equip students with the skills they need to stand up to bullying, solve problems and form lasting friendships.

Taproot Theatre Company has toured educational plays to students since 1985 and reaches more than 100,000 students annually. TTC is a member of Theatre Puget Sound and Theatre Communications Group, the national service organization for nonprofit professional theatres. Founded in 1976, TTC tells stories of hope, serving the Pacific Northwest through live theatre and educational programs.


Our scripts are guided by Second Step Curriculum.

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Taproot Theatre acknowledges that we live, work and play on the unceded and traditional territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, specifically the Duwamish, and that we occupy this land. This acknowledgement does not take the place of authentic relationships with Indigenous communities but serves as a first step in honoring the land we occupy and resisting the erasure of Indigenous past, present and future.