Taproot Theatre’s “Re-Ignite the Mind” classes are designed for students with Early Stage Memory Loss (ESML). Class sessions are taught by professional theatre artists and are designed to fit the needs of your class participants. Students find immediate success and improved quality of life as they learn new things, interact socially and live creatively in the moment. 

Two different classes are being offered via Zoom at this time: 

Re-Ignite the Mind with Improv

*currently being offered as Z-Improv on zoom

Improv students engage fully in the present moment which makes improv a perfect theatre class for individuals with Early Stage Memory Loss (ESML). There is no memory requirement, just the delight of participating in a creative experience that releases the imagination while giving a sense of accomplishment, self-confidence and social enrichment.

Re-Ignite the Mind with Imagination

*currently being offered as Z-Imagination on zoom 

This is a lightly guided, slightly slower paced class that uses improv exercises and guided imagination experiences that are designed to rely on and activate long lasting memory that can still be accessed by those with Early to Mid-Stage memory loss. 

Care partners are welcome and encouraged to attend as improv exercises can add a wonderful new dimension to shared daily life.

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To engage in Taproot’s monthly VIRTUAL Early Stage Memory Loss improv class via Zoom (Z-improv), email .

All in-person classes are suspended until further notice. For a public health update, CLICK HERE.

Download a flier about our Early Stage Memory Loss classes here.

Improv is all about saying, YES, to whatever happens IN THE MOMENT in creative play. Taproot’s trained improv teachers lead our memory loss classes, and students excel in this creative setting, utilizing multiple areas of memory that still function well. The end result is a feeling of success and accomplishment in a class filled with laughter and social connection.”

– Pam Nolte, Taproot Theatre Co-founder and Teaching Artist

A Healing Act

Follow this link to view the Emmy-nominated video that features Taproot’s Early Stage Memory Loss classes!


Behind the Program
Taproot Theatre’s commitment to offering classes for individuals experiencing memory loss began in 2011 and has continued without interruption since that time. We are proud partners with Seattle’s Momentia Movement. For more information visit:


The Momentia Movement

Watch this clip from Q13 to learn more about the Momentia movement!

Listen to an interview with teacher Pam Nolte on KBFG FM

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Photos by Josh Henning.