Taproot Theatre is sorry to announce that performances through Wednesday, October 5 of A Night with the Russells: The Legacy of us are cancelled due to COVID-19.

We continue to be thankful for your understanding and patience. You can read the details about how events unfolded further down this page.

First though, we’ve included practical information, so you know what to do next.

What if you already have tickets for a cancelled performance?

Please read through the three options below, then click the red button below and fill out the short form to select your preferred option.


The form will require your customer number. Your customer number can be found in your cancelled performance email.
The linked form is the most efficient way to expedite your request, however if you have difficulty with the form a Box Office representative is available by phone during regular Box Office Hours (Tues-Sat, noon-5) at 206.781.9707

A Note from Karen Lund, Producing Artistic Director:

I am so excited for you to see A Night with the Russells: The Legacy of Us. Last week’s audiences were on their feet, singing, dancing and cheering. Broadway World says “… the Russells have taken this opportunity to make us all feel like welcomed and honored guests at their table where no good music goes to waste.”

Unfortunately, this morning 2 members of the show’s company tested positive for COVID. Our team immediately began calling everyone who had a ticket, updated the website, and began planning to ensure you can see this remarkable piece of theater at a later date.

Knowing that COVID is an ongoing reality in the arts just as much as any other facet of life, we prepared for A Night with the Russells by recording live performances which are being edited right now. We anticipate making a live-stream option available in the next couple of weeks. Because this show was created by the cast and references their personal stories and experiences, we believe that understudies cannot deliver the play the way it is intended. My greatest hopes are that we will “restart” the show in October and that you will be able to experience it live and in the theatre if that is your preference.

When a COVID test result comes back positive  we are required to close the show for 5 days. If all goes well and no one else tests positive that means that the earliest we can re-open is October 6. Please watch your email and the Taproot website for the most up-to-date information.

I am so sorry to be sending this message. But I trust that I will see you each again soon at Taproot Theatre.


Karen Lund
Producing Artistic Director