Ancient Israelite Drama
Are there dozens of plays in the Old Testament? The answer is yes! Our instructors have been exploring the connotations this answer has for worship, theatre history, and the way we as theatre artists take our place in the body of Christ.

After the workshop, your group will be equipped to begin staging plays from the Bible, verbatim, in a powerful and illuminating way.

Enacted Prayer
Enacted prayer is a process of gathering prayer requests from the audience and then acting out how God might respond to those requests.

In this workshop, you will learn a new way to include these “picture prayers” in your worship services. Workshop participants will learn techniques of integrating improvisation, movement, music, focus, and story.

Story and Worship
Between the prelude and the postlude is a beautifully congruent story. Our goal in this workshop is to give you and your team tools to design the story of worship and to share stories of God at work. This includes how to integrate simple testimonies, transforming personal stories into plays, and effective models for readings into a Sunday service with astounding impact.

Package Workshop
This could include a combination of two or more of all of the workshops above. Design a half or full day that works for you!

Workshop Facilitator:
Solomon Davis is a graduate of Northwestern College where he worked closely with professor, playwright and worship leader Jeff Barker who endorses his teaching of these exciting theories and practices of drama in the church. For more on Jeff’s work, please visit:

2-hour workshop – $200 plus mileage*
½ day session (2, 2-hour workshops) – $370 plus mileage*
Full day session (4, 2 hour sessions) – $700 plus mileage*
*a travel fee is added for all destinations depending on location.

For more information please contact the Acting Studio at 206-781-9705 or send them an e-mail.

“In most churches that I visit, Worship means singing. When the pastor says ‘Let’s worship,’ we either stand to look to the projector screen or grab our hymnals. And that makes sense because we have songs in the Bible. The Bible tells us to praise God with singing and trumpets etc… But some Hebrew scholars believe that the Bible contains plays too. Our Ancient Israelite Drama workshop empowers churches to begin introducing plays from the Bible into the congregation’s worship. And with Enacted Prayer we’ll teach you a format for presenting your churches prayers. Enacted Prayer gives powerful, lasting images to someone’s prayer…I’ve performed thousands of these prayers and can remember almost every one of them. I’ve seen people transformed…I’ve seen congregations slowly scoot down the pews to sit closer together. I’m telling you it’s communal with a capital C!” – Solomon Davis, Taproot actor and workshop leader