Announcing Taproot Theatre Company’s

2023 Jewell Mainstage Season

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“To get somewhere you’ve never been, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done” -Unknown 

Dear Friends,  

Welcome to Taproot Theatre Company’s 47th season exploring New Territory. It sounds exciting, right? It is! The season includes three regional premieres and a world premiere: brand new plays for this moment in time. But there’s a twist. Each of the five plays is set in the late 19th or early 20th century.  

Why go back in time? Because the past is filled with moments that show hope and perseverance becoming the seeds of possibility and change for the future. As It is in Heaven, The Hello Girls, and Last Drive to Dodge reveal captivating, rarely told stories from American history. The comedies, A Woman of No Importance and Jeeves Takes a Bow, will have you laughing about double standards, mistaken identities, and cultural differences while reminding us all that there’s more than one way to get things “right.”  

Together we’ll explore how old assumptions give way to new possibilities when a few courageous folks boldly (or barely) step into New Territory. 

Let the adventure begin! 

Karen Lund
Producing Artistic Director


2023 Season Plays


A Woman of No Importance

by Oscar Wilde

Gerald’s prospects are bright as he celebrates his new position with the notorious Lord Illingworth. But amidst the glittering banter at Lady Hunstanton’s party, a long buried scandal is revealed. Will the unveiling of Gerald’s lineage change the trajectory of his future? And what of the lovely American who’s captured his heart? This comedic classic from Oscar Wilde will charm you with its cleverness and wit. 

Jan 25 – Feb 25, 2023



As It Is in Heaven

by Arlene Hutton

Regional Professional Premiere

“’Tis a gift to be simple,” sing the Shakers of Pleasant Hill. But as the young women in the community claim new spiritual gifts, Sister Hannah and the other elders must judge whether these gifts are real or rebellion. Set during America’s surge of Utopian communities, the play wrestles with belief and doubt in a swiftly changing world. 

Mar 22 – Apr 22, 2023




Jeeves Takes a Bow

adapted by Margaret Raether

Regional Professional Premiere

Bertie’s back! And this time his talent for trouble trails him to the Big Apple. When childhood chum Binkey Binkersteth knocks, one knacky notion leads to masterful mayhem and soon the notorious Knuckles McCann is fitting Bertie for a Chicago overcoat. Fortunately, the unflappable Jeeves is close at hand with a stiff cuppa joe and a penchant for putting things right! 

May 17 – Jun 17, 2023


The Hello Girls

Music & Lyrics by Peter C. Mills
Book by Peter C. Mills & Cara Reichel

Regional Professional Premiere

“Imagine a time when the world was divided…
A world where freedom is under assault…
A world where nationalism is on the rise…

We’re talking about the year 1918, of course.”  

Helmet, check. Gas Mask, check… Lipstick, check. In this new musical, Grace Banker and her fellow switchboard operators are answering the call when the Bell Battalion Telephonic Ladies’ Switchboard Unit #1 makes history as America’s first female soldiers. 

Jul 12 – Aug 12, 2023



Last Drive to Dodge

by Andrew Lee Creech

World Premiere

Prophet and Ro are chasing dreams faintly whispered on the wind that sweeps the dusty Texas plain, where ranching is brutal work and change is on the horizon. Set at the end of the Cowboy Golden Age, Last Drive to Dodge examines race, love, and legacy in a time when everyone is scrambling for their piece of the American Dream. 

Sep 20 – Oct 21, 2023

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2023 Season Sponsors Include:

The 2023 season sponsors are Artsfund, KCTS 9, 4 culture, Seattle office of arts and culture, Arts Wa, the national endowment for the arts, Janus Apartments, Green Trails Maps, Piper village, Susan Rutherford, MD, and Period Corsets.